It has been a while

Wow time flies when you’re having fun. I hadn’t realized that my last post was 18 months ago.

Some random thoughts on this midterm election day.

Anyone putting out odds for a Giants world series win in 2016? Just amazing how they have done so well on even numbered years and then aren’t even in contention in the odd numbered ones. Baumgartner’s performance ranks with Hershiser in 1988, Lolich in 1968, Koufax in 1965. Of course none of them can match Christy Mathewson’s 3 complete game shutouts in a 5 game series; then again that was in 1905 and every game in that series was a shutout.

Election returns could be interesting to watch. Just enough close races and variables to keep it that way. The last few elections one of the parties took almost all the seats that were toss ups; wonder if that will happen today. Not sure it will matter all that much; the seats that are up in the Senate in 2016 include those elected in the wave election of 2010 which will probably favor the Democrats much like this year seems to favor the Republicans.

The companion world has been rather quiet, status quo. Not much exciting to write about …. that is not necessarily a bad thing.



Since some of you asked ….

One of the most, perhaps the most, asked question I get is what is the toughest thing about being a male companion. The question itself is disingenuous in the sense that most people that ask the question assume they already know the answer. Most expect the answer to be along the lines of “what if you don’t feel any attraction to your patron for the evening?” And so they push the conversation in that direction and find it difficult to believe that women are attractive in so many different ways, that there is so much more to a person than looks or body type. In other words too many folks out there don’t get that 90% of attraction is in the mind not in sexual organs.

In my modest opinion being able to subjugate what is happening in day-to-day life while on a date is probably the single most difficult thing about being a companion of any kind – male or female – whether it is purely a social escort or whether it includes some more intimate time. Staying within the moment, being focused and attentive to a patron is paramount for a companion. Day-to-day life can be very distracting and sometimes dissonant. Being able to sideline those things for some period of time is not always easy but usually a key part to a successful date.


Put me in coach I’m ready to play today

Yes! It’s once again time for baseball. While much of the North still is experiencing the tail end of winter the hope of spring cannot be far away now that opening day is behind us and what a glorious one it was.

New York has two teams open at home on the same day since 1956. The Reds – the traditional opening game – play the first interleague opening day game ever; they like it so much they play 13 innings. Boston and the NY Yankees renew their rivalry yet again. And the Dodgers beat the Giants with the LA pitcher hitting his first career HR.

Will the AL East teams all finish over .500? Can Houston, Mets, Twins avoid 100 losses? Are the Cubs going to once again break their fans’ hearts?

We have 6 months to find out! And what could be better than enjoying a game with a favorite male companion 🙂


More on becoming a male companion

This is a follow up to this post about being a male companion

I was asked to respond to a question from a guy thinking of becoming a male escort for women. You might be interested in reading the full response that incorporates my thoughts by NOW columnist Sasha.


You must be kidding …

This is very much a US biased post. Imagine that as a collective a country spent $6 billion on something. And this is not a case where the government spent the money but individual citizens, corporations, groups spent the money. Wouldn’t you think that the money would be able to lead to some change?

Well, when it comes to US politics the answer to that would emphatically be NO! $6 billion and all that changed in our national government is a few Senate and a few House seats, neither enough to change the party in power.

It all makes one wish for the British system where election campaigns last a few short weeks and finance rules are fairly stringent. It would sure beat the inundation of “swing” states with TV ads for months and months and months …. and then a return to the status quo.


7 Game series = Boring??????

Readers of my blog will have discerned that baseball is my favorite past time. While I concede that the NFL has already had 7 weeks of games I only start seriously following football after the World Series end.

There is nothing in sports like a game 7. Just the words should excite any sports fan. Players who do little else in their career are remembered for what they have done in a game 7 – see Gene Larkin and the end of the 1991 World Series.

This year’s baseball playoffs started out with all 4 Division Series going to a deciding 5th game with a rousing comeback by the Giants from an 0-2 deficit in games and the Cardinals coming back from 6-0 in game 5 and 9-7 with two outs in the 9th.

So how doe one explain the League Championship Series? Sure the Cardinals and Giants went to 7 games and yet the most exciting game ended up being game 1 of Tigers and Yankees – a series the Tigers swept.. In the Cardinals-Giants tilt the team that lost never even had the tying run at-bat after the 7th inning. Other than a 3-1 game 3 no other game was closer than 5 runs and the team that won had a big lead very early in the game. A 7 game series nearly devoid of any drama, not easy to pull that off.

I have no rooting interest in which team, Detroit or San Francisco, wins the World Series. However, I am rooting for a 7 game series with close dramatic games.


What rates can tell you ….

The two pages that get the most hits on a companion’s or escort’s website are pictures and rates. Other pages and verbiage can be important in getting across a personality but there are many who completely skip it.

Lets assume that you have a trip scheduled to Boise, Idaho or Helena, Montana and you are looking for companionship. Perhaps it is to scratch an itch for an hour or two or maybe you want to indulge in an evening or perhaps a full night of being pampered. This is the first time that you are looking for such entertainment in this city and upscale companions or escorts that you have spent time with in Boston or New York did not have any recommendations. After searching through ad sites and perhaps review sites and looked at web sites you are finally ready to send off a note to schedule a date. At this point I suggest taking a look at the rates again.

All your choices offer on their site rates for dates from an hour to an overnight. Say you are looking for a 2 hour date.

Package                 Anna                        Courtney

1 Hour                     350                            500

2 Hour                     700                            725

Dinner                   1100                           1100

A look at the rates should at least hint that Anna is probably far more interested in shorter dates and Courtney is interested in more extended dates. That does not mean that Anna is not a great dinner companion or that Courtney can’t rock your world for an hour. However, since you are trying to maximize your enjoyment and minimize your risk it is certainly worth considering not just the rate but how it relates to their other rates.